Other Ways To Clean Up Your Community

We’ve already talked a lot about the services Oak Disposal offers and how they keep our community clean and healthy, but what are some other things you can be doing on a daily basis to play your part? Here are a few tips to make you feel better about the effect you have on the environment.

Buy Recycled/Used Products

You may not think about this often, but a lot of the things we buy can be bought as a recycled products. Take, for example, a bike. If you’re out looking for a new bike, your gut reaction is to go to the biggest brand name you can find to get a shiny new bike. Although this is tempting, it’s not the most environmentally friendly option.

Think about it like adoption. If you go to a used bike store, all of those bikes have already been made and are looking for a home and someone to love and care for them. That’s where you come in. If you buy a used or recycled product, you’re taking and using something that would otherwise be sitting on a store shelf or left to gather dust in a warehouse somewhere.

Find Alternate Modes of Transportation

Avoiding driving for just two days a week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,590 pounds in a year. If everyone committed to this, we would take one large stride towards making our community a healthier and cleaner place.

Pay Attention To Water Usage

Each person in the United States uses about 80-100 gallons of water a day. That’s about a bathtub and a half full of water! Why do we use so much? Showers, flushing the toilet, washing our hands, the food we eat. Our drinking water is a very small portion of this, and that’s why we need to be extra conscious of the amount of water we use throughout the day.

Oak Disposal Services is dedicated to protecting the environment and providing you with a great waste management service. Visit our website today to learn more about our residential trash pickup services and the areas that we serve!