We leave our yard on Lake DeWeese Road at 6:30 every morning. We suggest that you have your trash out no later than 6:30am, or, the night before.
Please know your route day. We will be back on the next scheduled day.
We service most of Custer County and some portions of Fremont County, as long as the area is accessible for our trucks. Please call us to see if we service your area.
We just need to get your contact information, physical address and your credit/debit card info or ACH info. We will charge the first month up front.
We take payment with a credit card or debit card that we charge on either the 4th or the 15th of each month. We can also use a checking or savings account and charge that on the 4th or the 15 of each month. We can mail or email that form. We accept all major credit cards.
If you are going to be gone then you need to let us know BEFORE your pick up day in order to receive a credit. If you are seasonal, then you have the option of suspending service for a period of time. You can send us an email or call to let us know when you will be leaving. Please call to notify us when you are returning.
This is mainly an issue with customers in the county. Safety of our drivers is our number one concern! If they are unable to access your property due to inclement weather, then we will try again the next time we are on your route. We will not issue a credit as we will be picking up twice as much trash on our return.
We do offer bear resistant dumpsters. The lids are reinforced and they are heavy! If you opt for tote service, then we recommend keeping the tote in a garage or shed. Please contact us for info on where to buy bear proof totes. For more information on living with wildlife, then please visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife website at www.wildlife.state.co.us/bears
There will be a $1.00/bag charge on 13 gallon (kitchen sized) trash bags and $2.00 on leaf/contractor sized bags. There are additional charges for furniture and mattresses ranging from $5.00-$10.00 per piece. Please call for more information.
Often times we get asked what we can and cannot take in our trash trucks. We have taken the time to compile a list of items that we cannot take to the landfill. Some of these are hazardous and cannot be put in the ground, while some could damage our trash trucks, others are recycled and cannot be separated out, once in our trucks.

We are unable to take hazardous materials such as: PAINT, TIRES, ANTIFREEZE, BATTERIES, GAS, or OIL.

PLEASE NOTE – Electronics are considered hazardous. They cannot be thrown out. You can bring them to the yard where we will weigh them and recycle them for $1.00 per pound.

FYI: If you take the lids off of your paint cans and let it dry, then they can then be placed in the dumpster.

WHITE GOODS are items such as: HOT WATER HEATERS, WASHERS, DRYERS, REFRIGERATORS and FREEZERS. We are unable to take these items in the trash trucks as they are RECYCLED. Please call us at 783-3456 for drop off information.

CONCRETE, ROCKS, and BRICKS may only be taken if they are broken down to a size SMALLER than a fist. Large chunks of such items will be thrown out of the dumpster.

If you have any additional questions about what can and cannot be thrown away, then please feel free to call at 783-3456 or ask any of the driver’s when they are on your route.

We process payments on the 4th and 15th of each month. We will try to contact you if the payment was rejected. If it has not been resolved within two weeks of your scheduled processing day, then service will be suspended until the account is current. If the past due hasn’t been resolved by the next scheduled due date, then service will be cancelled and the container will be pulled. There will be a $50.00 charge to resume service if it is cancelled due to non payment.
Please have your trash out by 6:30 am on your scheduled day. If you have a dumpster, then please make sure that all vehicles are out of the way. If it snows, then our trucks need your driveway to be plowed at least 10 feet wide and the snow to not be plowed up against the dumpster. Please understand that trash trucks are big and heavy and do not do well in the snow.
We strongly recommend that you bag your trash. As you have probably figured out, it gets very windy here at times. The less loose items in your container, the less chance of trash blowing around the county. Please help keep this area as beautiful as it is!