Tips for Keeping Your Construction Site Clean

Getting started on a home remodeling project? It’s an exciting undertaking! You’ve probably been planning it for months (and maybe even years) and the time has finally arrived to start bringing those plans to life. But whether you are doing the work yourself or using a professional team to do it for you, things are probably going to be a little messy around your house for a while. Construction is an inherently messy task, with dust and debris flying around and creeping into every nook and cranny. There are a number of things that you can do to help keep the mess to a minimum, and our construction dumpster rental service in Westcliffe is just the beginning! Check out some of our favorite tips for keeping the mess to a minimum.

Put These Tips to Use at Your Home Construction Site

Keep smaller waste receptacles on site.

While you’ll want to have a large construction dumpster on site, you’ll want to have smaller receptacles on site as well. Place them strategically near that day’s work sites so trash can be easily carried and easily disposed of in the larger dumpster. Encourage everyone who is working on the remodeling project to get the waste in the smaller bins and not to simply throw waste on the floor. It will make your clean up at the end of the day a whole lot easier. Add it to the end-of-day duties that all of these smaller bins should be emptied into the dumpster so you can have a fresh start tomorrow.

Cover waste when possible.

The wind can cause a lot of issues on a construction site, including spreading litter around. It’s important to keep your trash receptacles, including your dumpster, covered whenever possible. This will prevent items from being unintentionally spread around the neighborhood and into your neighbor’s yards. This is especially important at night when a cover will also help deter pests and creatures from digging through your construction trash. Don’t let your trash be an invitation to pests, as their presence could continue long after the construction work ends.

Recycle everything that you can.

Recycling is great for the planet, but it’s also good for your job site. Sites that carefully separate recyclable items from non-recyclable items are going to be cleaner. It could also help your project save money in the long run! You may be able to sell off some of the items that you remove during your remodeling projects, such as old flooring or cabinets, and keep them from getting tossed in the dumpster. For other items that can be recycled, our team can help you get rid of them safely.

Isolate the construction as much as possible.

If your remodeling project is focused on one area of the home, try to isolate it from the rest of the house. Put up plastic sheets to prevent dust from traveling and encourage those working on the project to avoid walking through the house as much as possible. If you can’t isolate the construction from the rest of your home, then at least take measures to isolate it from your neighbor’s homes (they’ll appreciate it!).

Make time to clean up every day.

Devote a little bit of your time every day to cleaning up from that day’s construction work. It is a lot easier to clean up a little bit of the mess at a time than do it all in one big clean up at the end. If you wait to clean it up, you may uncover damage that’s been done by the debris that will now need to be fixed at an additional cost. It’s better (and cheaper) to catch those issues earlier on. Plus, if you end up doing a large clean up at the end of your construction project, you’ll end up paying a lot more for a professional cleaning service. While these cleaning services should be utilized at the end of every project, the dirtier your space is, the more you are going to end up paying.

Why Does a Clean Job Site Matter?

  • It can cut down on costs. Messier job sites tend to have an increase in material waste as well as accidents and injuries that can result in worker’s compensation or negligence claims. There will be more clean up costs at the end of the project, too.
  • It’s safer for you and your team. A messy job site can be a hazard to your health! Not only are tripping hazards an issue, you could be breathing in more dust and debris in a dirtier environment.
  • It’s better for the environment. Not only is a tidy job site more likely to recycle materials, it’s less likely to spread litter across the surrounding area. Litter can pose a danger to local wildlife as well as cause issues in the water supply.
  • Your neighbors will thank you. They’ll be putting up with the noise of your construction project, so don’t make them put up with the mess, too. If their property becomes dirty because of your construction, offer to clean it up for them. Keep it clean and you’ll have happier neighbors when it’s all said and done.

Need Help Keeping Your Construction Site Clean?

Oak Disposal Services can help! We have construction dumpster rentals that can be delivered right to your job site when you need them. We have dumpsters that are 4 to 8 yards or roll-offs in 15 or 30 yards. If you aren’t sure which one you need, talk to our team. We’ll get to know more about the size of the project and what kind of waste you’ll be disposing of and make a recommendation of a dumpster that’s right for you. We can even help you dispose of your recycled materials in the best way possible! Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can help you keep your job site as clean as possible. Call us or contact us through our website today to get started with our waste disposal services on your job site.

What Happens to Recycled Items?

If you’ve ever recycled something (hopefully you have!), chances are, you’ve wondered what happens to the items you recycle. Is recycling an energy efficient process? Is it a benefit to our community? Does it keep our neighborhoods clean and safe? These are common questions that people have about recycling because they don’t know the process. If more people knew where their recycled items went, they’d be more inclined to recycle properly and more frequently. In this blog, we’re going to talk about what happens to some of the most recycled items.



When paper is recycled, it is separated by its type. This includes: white office paper, magazines, and newspapers. The great thing about paper is that it can be compressed into large bales that will make it easier to be transported and broken down. The paper is turned into a pulp after being shredded and mixed with water. As it’s cleaned and mixed, it turns into a slush that’s used to make office paper, newspapers, toilet paper, paper towels, and many other things.


Aluminum Cans

Like paper, aluminum cans are compacted and made into bales for easy transport. After being shredded, they’re melted down and mixed with other materials. It’s then molded into other aluminum items like new cans or foil.



Unlike paper and aluminum cans, glass isn’t always melted or mixed with water. In some places, glass can be crushed and ground into a material called cullet. Since cullet is so soft, like sand, it’s often used to replace sand on sporting fields, in landscaping, brick manufacturing, and paved surfaces. It can even be used on playgrounds!



Plastic recycling starts by dividing plastics by their ID code. After being separated, they’re put in bales and transported to a recycling plant. Like aluminum cans, plastic is shredded and melted. After being made into pallets, it’s sent to companies to be used. #1 PET plastics are often made into carpeting or fleece and #2 PET plastics are made into artificial lumber or composite decking.



Due to the face that electronics waste is made up of several different parts, electronics recycling is slightly more complicated than paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic. The large majority of electronics can be recycled so don’t assume that it’s not worth it! Since electronics are made of so many different materials, they need to be taken apart by hand. Copper and gold can be melted down to be reused, in addition to plastic pieces. Recycling electronics will help to keep hazardous materials out of landfills.


If you’d like to learn more about the disposal and recycling process, visit Oak Disposal today! Serving The Wet Mountain Valley, we’re proud to make a difference in the community by keeping it a clean and healthy place to live for everyone! Not only do we offer recycling services, but we have residential and commercial trash pickup, construction cleanup, roll-offs, and portable toilets. Our highest priority is to provide you with an honest and dependable waste disposal service!

How To Dispose of Household Items

It can be tricky to know exactly how you should be disposing of certain things in your home—Do you recycle it? Throw it in the trash? Flush it? Put it through the disposal? There are a lot of choices, but you’ll want to make sure you’re disposing of things properly to prevent slow-downs or unnecessary work for disposal companies. Additionally, disposing of things properly will lead to a healthier and safer world which is great for all of us!


If you’re ever struggling to determine the best way to dispose of something, you should first check the label of the item you’re trying to dispose of. If there are no disposal instructions, you should contact your local Household Hazardous Waste disposal center to see if they accept it or ask for advice on disposing of it safely.



Believe it or not, water-based and latex paint can be disposed of in a regular household trash can, as long as they’re dried out first. If you need to dry a large amount of paint, try combining it with litter, sand, or other absorbent material that will help it dry faster. On the other hand, oil-based paint is a household hazardous waste (HHW) and you should take it to your local HHW facility for disposal. Never throw these paints directly in the trash, even if they are dry.



Some, but not all medication can be disposed of in the toilet or trash, however, there are much better alternatives to this. Some programs are in place as “take-backs” for unused and out of date medications and you should check your local law enforcement agency’s website. If you aren’t able to wait for the next pickup day in your neighborhood, you should add water to the medication container and put it in a plastic bag full of sawdust, coffee grounds, or anything unpalatable.


Cleaning supplies

The best way to dispose of chemicals and household cleaning supplies is to find someone to use them, or give them to someone who can. If this isn’t an option, most cleaners can be mixed with water and dumped down the drain. For other, more specialized compounds, check the label or contact an HHW center to see if they’ll take them.


Old movies or DVDs

Disposing of old VHS tapes and movies can also be a struggle. Many people will throw these in the trash, not realizing that it is a potential hazard. The first thing you should try is passing them onto someone else by either selling them in a garage sale or taking them to a donation center like Goodwill. If this doesn’t work out, you should take them to your local dump for disposal.



The most common question people having when disposing of household items is, “where do I dispose of my used batteries?” It can be complicated, so it’s no wonder so many people struggle with it.


If you have a rechargeable battery that you need to get rid of, take it to Best Buy or a local waste facility. Many electronics stores will take used batteries, cell phone batteries, and other tech as long as it’s under 10 pounds.


If you have any problems with waste disposal or recycling, don’t hesitate to contact Oak Disposal Services today! Our highest priority is to keep our community safe and give you waste disposal options that are convenient for you and don’t leave you wondering whether you’ve disposed of something properly.


We have residential and commercial trash pickup, construction cleanup, portable toilets, and recycling, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

10 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Neighborhood – Part 1

Taking the initiative to clean up your neighborhood can be difficult, but in the long-run, you’ll be proud of your accomplishments and you’ll have a more happy and healthy community because of it! In this blog, we’re going to talk about a couple ways you can make your neighborhood clean and pollution free.

Take a stroll

The only way to know the problems that your neighborhood is facing is to walk through it and observe it for yourself. Look for trash on the ground, pollution in streams or ponds, and be aware of any strange odors. However, not all environmental issues can be observed, so it’s important that you contact a community authority to see if there is anything you can do to help.

Be a leader

The number one way to start cleaning up your neighborhood is to lead by example. If you’re doing your part, you will have an easier time getting others to follow. One great way to show people you care is to clean up your own yard. We’ve all had that neighbor who stores junk in their backyard. Don’t be this person! If you show that you care about how your yard looks, others will follow. You may even initiate a little friendly competition to see who has the nicest yard!

Secure your trash

If you want to completely eliminate litter in your neighborhood, you’ll want to make sure that your trash is always properly secured. Never overfill your trash can. If you consistently fill your garbage bins, you should invest in another one, or wait until the next trash cycle before you put it out to the curb. If other people in your neighborhood have problems with this, make sure you let them know or teach them to secure their trash better.

Community cleanup projects

Another way to create a clean neighborhood is to be part of a community cleanup project. In many communities, cleanup projects are hosted through recreation centers, at parks or throughout neighborhoods. This is a good way to help out and meet like-minded people who may be interested in helping you with some projects of your own.

Ride your bike

Riding your bike rather than driving to work every day is a great way to reduce carbon emissions as well as set an example for everyone else in your neighborhood. Once your neighbors find out about this, you will most likely be the talk of the neighborhood because riding a bike to work is usually something that people talk about, but never end up doing.

Sometimes creating a clean and healthy neighborhood just means having the right waste disposal service. Oak Disposal is dedicated to keeping your neighborhood a clean and healthy place for everyone to live. We offer residential trash service, porta potty rentals, and commercial dumpster rental, so contact us today!

Green Solutions For Small Businesses

Do you run a small business and want some ways to become a more green company? Having a more environmentally conscious company is not only best for the greater good, but it can also increase your brand’s appeal. A lot of people don’t hop on this bandwagon because they see it as more of a fad or a scam than anything else. However, if you’re actually making the effort to change your company and prove it to your customers, it will be a benefit to everyone! In this blog, we’re going to talk about a couple things you can start doing for your business that will make it more environmentally friendly.

Use LED lighting

Although standard bulbs are cheaper, they’re not as easy on the environment. Switching to LED means more efficient energy consumption, less heat production, and no toxic gases like mercury to deal with. Another thing you can do is add motion sensors to break rooms and bathrooms. This way, you won’t have to worry about someone leaving a light on overnight.

Encourage green transportation

If a lot of your employees live nearby, try to encourage them to find alternative modes of transportation. A great way to do this would be to create a company-wide bike-to-work day or hand out flyers encouraging employees to carpool if they live close to each other. These are all great ways to make your employees more environmentally conscious, and open the door to similar opportunities.

Make banners and posters

Creating banners or posters to hang in your office is a great way to liven it up while at the same time, reminding people to help the environment. Try figuring out a method for tracking how much energy you’re saving, how many cans you’ve recycled, or how much natural gas you’ve saved by biking. People are more likely to take action if they can see that their hard work is actually paying off and helping the environment. You should also set company goals that will give your employees more of an incentive to work towards making your company environmentally friendly.

Partner with green companies

Being environmentally friendly is great, but it’s all for naught if you’re spending money on companies that aren’t. If you pay for transportation services, office supplies, or anything else that supports your company, make sure these businesses are working towards the same environmental goals that you are. Supporting local businesses will not only help cut down on transportation costs and carbon emissions, but it will help your community.

Brand your company accordingly

Now that you’ve created an eco-friendly business, you’ll want to show it off. You’ll want to rebrand your company to show-off all the success you’ve had. Not only will this increase the appeal of your company, but it will encourage others to do the same.

If you’re ready to make your company eco-friendly, Oak Disposal is here for you! Contact us today to learn more about our waste services in Westcliffe!

Tips For Being Better At Recycling

Recycling is one of the best ways that you can help the environment, but have you been doing it right? Many Americans don’t recycle, and because of that you’ll want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to play your part. We’re going to talk about a couple tips to help you become better at recycling so you can rest assured you aren’t missing something important.

Knowing what can be recycled

Learning what you can and can’t recycle is a great place to start. If you’re putting things in your recycling bin that can’t be recycled, the process could take longer and as a result it will be a less environmentally effective solution. Paper, cardboard, food cans, jars, and plastic bottles can all be recycled. However, glass can’t always be recycled, so make sure to check with your recycling company beforehand.

Recycle steel

Although you may not consider this, aluminum and steel cans can also be recycled. 100 million steel cans are used every day by Americans. Steel cans are durable and can be recycled many times over, but only 67 percent of Americans claim to recycle them. If you want to be the most efficient recycler you can be, start recycling aluminum and steel cans!

Garden right

For those that are into gardening, you’ll want to do it in the most environmentally way possible. If you’re in need of mulch, try recycling biodegradable yard waste like grass clippings, wood chips, and leaves from around your yard for a natural mulching material rather than buying mulch from the store. By doing this, you’ll eliminate the need to buy mulch that may not be eco-friendly. This way you’ll have no doubts about that.

Recycle at work

The thing about recycling is that it’s a full-time commitment. Just because you’ve left home doesn’t mean you can stop recycling! Many people make the mistake of not recycling once they go to work or on vacation but this shouldn’t be the case. To help you and your workmates remember to recycle, keep two bins near where you work. Then at the end of the day, you can take it to wherever your office’s main recycle bin is located.

Buy recycled

Recycling doesn’t always come in the form of getting rid of your recyclable materials. Another way you can help is by buying things that have already been recycled. It’s called “recycling” for a reason, you can’t just have people getting rid of their materials, you need people buying what was made with those materials to make the industry stronger as a whole. However, keep in mind that just because a company says they use recycled materials doesn’t mean their product is entirely recycled. This can be used as a gimmick to get people to buy their product, so do your research!

Oak Disposal Services understands the importance of recycling for our community. If you are in need of trash collection in Wet Mountain Valley, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

The Importance Of Clean Lakes And Oceans

In our blogs, we’ve talked a lot about residential and commercial trash clean up and the benefits to our community and the world. However, what’s the importance of keeping our water sources free from debris and contamination? There’s a lot more to it than just making a water source look nice, and cleaning them will help every living being on the planet, not just fish. In this blog, we’ll talk about just some of the many reasons we all have an obligation to keep our lakes and oceans clean.

As adults, many of us have fond memories of spending time at a lake or on the beach. Even if we don’t live near a major water source, we’ve all taken vacations to relax in the sun and play in the water. Maybe it’s so mesmerizing to us because it’s so different from the environment we live in on a daily basis. Although lakes and oceans are completely different ecosystems, it doesn’t mean that they don’t face some of the same issues as we do in our ecosystem.

It’s intrusive

When it comes to waste, both humans and sea life are affected by its intrusiveness. Have you ever gone to the beach looking for the perfect place to hang out only to find that it’s covered in trash? Or have you gone out for a lake day with your friends, only to realize that you aren’t allowed to swim because of how polluted it is? However, this issue is affecting other animals a lot more than it’s affecting us. If we over-pollute one area, we have the ability to move to another. On the other hand, for fish and other animals that depend on lakes and oceans, it’s not that simple.

It kills fish and mammals

When a fish or marine mammal encounters debris in the water, they often mistake it for food or get tangled in it and die. The sad part is that the large majority of the trash in oceans and lakes is food containers, something that could be easily avoided if everyone did their part to avoid littering.

Litter is also responsible for the death of one million birds and 100,000 marine mammals every year. Seabirds depend on the ocean as their main source of food, and in order to hunt fish, they need to be able to see them. With litter floating on the water, this is nearly impossible, and when they try, they are often entangled in debris, dying as a result.

Have you ever read up on the life of sea turtles? It’s estimated that only one out of every thousand sea turtles survives to adulthood due to predators and other natural means. Litter only compounds this issue and is a major contributor to the endangerment of sea turtles, along with other human activity.

Overall, littering has a huge impact on lakes and oceans and it’s not just harmful to fish and marine mammals, but it affects our comfort and safety. Oak Disposal is committed to promoting a clean and healthy environment for everyone with its commercial waste disposal. Contact us today to find out more about our trash collection services!

How to Retire an American Flag

Here at Oak Disposal Services, we are respectful of the proper way to dispose of an American flag. We are thankful for everyone in uniform and our veterans! Did you know that 30% of Custer County’s residents are veterans? We have a very active American Legion. Visit their website at  The following is compliments of

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