How To Dispose of Household Items

It can be tricky to know exactly how you should be disposing of certain things in your home—Do you recycle it? Throw it in the trash? Flush it? Put it through the disposal? There are a lot of choices, but you’ll want to make sure you’re disposing of things properly to prevent slow-downs or unnecessary work for disposal companies. Additionally, disposing of things properly will lead to a healthier and safer world which is great for all of us!


If you’re ever struggling to determine the best way to dispose of something, you should first check the label of the item you’re trying to dispose of. If there are no disposal instructions, you should contact your local Household Hazardous Waste disposal center to see if they accept it or ask for advice on disposing of it safely.



Believe it or not, water-based and latex paint can be disposed of in a regular household trash can, as long as they’re dried out first. If you need to dry a large amount of paint, try combining it with litter, sand, or other absorbent material that will help it dry faster. On the other hand, oil-based paint is a household hazardous waste (HHW) and you should take it to your local HHW facility for disposal. Never throw these paints directly in the trash, even if they are dry.



Some, but not all medication can be disposed of in the toilet or trash, however, there are much better alternatives to this. Some programs are in place as “take-backs” for unused and out of date medications and you should check your local law enforcement agency’s website. If you aren’t able to wait for the next pickup day in your neighborhood, you should add water to the medication container and put it in a plastic bag full of sawdust, coffee grounds, or anything unpalatable.


Cleaning supplies

The best way to dispose of chemicals and household cleaning supplies is to find someone to use them, or give them to someone who can. If this isn’t an option, most cleaners can be mixed with water and dumped down the drain. For other, more specialized compounds, check the label or contact an HHW center to see if they’ll take them.


Old movies or DVDs

Disposing of old VHS tapes and movies can also be a struggle. Many people will throw these in the trash, not realizing that it is a potential hazard. The first thing you should try is passing them onto someone else by either selling them in a garage sale or taking them to a donation center like Goodwill. If this doesn’t work out, you should take them to your local dump for disposal.



The most common question people having when disposing of household items is, “where do I dispose of my used batteries?” It can be complicated, so it’s no wonder so many people struggle with it.


If you have a rechargeable battery that you need to get rid of, take it to Best Buy or a local waste facility. Many electronics stores will take used batteries, cell phone batteries, and other tech as long as it’s under 10 pounds.


If you have any problems with waste disposal or recycling, don’t hesitate to contact Oak Disposal Services today! Our highest priority is to keep our community safe and give you waste disposal options that are convenient for you and don’t leave you wondering whether you’ve disposed of something properly.


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Green Solutions For Small Businesses

Do you run a small business and want some ways to become a more green company? Having a more environmentally conscious company is not only best for the greater good, but it can also increase your brand’s appeal. A lot of people don’t hop on this bandwagon because they see it as more of a fad or a scam than anything else. However, if you’re actually making the effort to change your company and prove it to your customers, it will be a benefit to everyone! In this blog, we’re going to talk about a couple things you can start doing for your business that will make it more environmentally friendly.

Use LED lighting

Although standard bulbs are cheaper, they’re not as easy on the environment. Switching to LED means more efficient energy consumption, less heat production, and no toxic gases like mercury to deal with. Another thing you can do is add motion sensors to break rooms and bathrooms. This way, you won’t have to worry about someone leaving a light on overnight.

Encourage green transportation

If a lot of your employees live nearby, try to encourage them to find alternative modes of transportation. A great way to do this would be to create a company-wide bike-to-work day or hand out flyers encouraging employees to carpool if they live close to each other. These are all great ways to make your employees more environmentally conscious, and open the door to similar opportunities.

Make banners and posters

Creating banners or posters to hang in your office is a great way to liven it up while at the same time, reminding people to help the environment. Try figuring out a method for tracking how much energy you’re saving, how many cans you’ve recycled, or how much natural gas you’ve saved by biking. People are more likely to take action if they can see that their hard work is actually paying off and helping the environment. You should also set company goals that will give your employees more of an incentive to work towards making your company environmentally friendly.

Partner with green companies

Being environmentally friendly is great, but it’s all for naught if you’re spending money on companies that aren’t. If you pay for transportation services, office supplies, or anything else that supports your company, make sure these businesses are working towards the same environmental goals that you are. Supporting local businesses will not only help cut down on transportation costs and carbon emissions, but it will help your community.

Brand your company accordingly

Now that you’ve created an eco-friendly business, you’ll want to show it off. You’ll want to rebrand your company to show-off all the success you’ve had. Not only will this increase the appeal of your company, but it will encourage others to do the same.

If you’re ready to make your company eco-friendly, Oak Disposal is here for you! Contact us today to learn more about our waste services in Westcliffe!