Construction Dumpster Rental Benefits Pt. 1

Let Us Help You With Your Next Construction Project


Hello there, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Oak Disposal Services, we have been serving the residents of Westcliffe, CO and the Wet Mountain Valley for over 20 years. We have made it our mission to not only be the best residential and commercial trash pickup service in the area, we have also dedicated ourselves to providing outstanding dumpster rental services for construction companies looking to make sure that their sites run as efficiently as possible. In today’s post, to educate the masses, we are going to go over some of the surprising benefits that come along with construction site dumpster rental and why we here at Oak Disposal Services are your best choice for this service. Continue reading below to learn more.


Don’t Let Your Trash Pile Up


Construction sites, by their very nature, have a lot of debris scattered around. Between the supplies it takes to actually construct a building, the trash left over from packaging, and the general garbage that accumulates anytime there are people in an area for a large amount of time, construction sites can gather clutter quickly. While the most obvious benefit of renting a dumpster is the fact that this trash has a place to go, there are other benefits that don’t seem as readily apparent. Below, we have listed a few of these additional benefits.



  • Reduced Property Damage: By renting a dumpster, workers on a construction site can better guarantee that no unneeded damage is done the building, home, or office space that is being built. If a dumpster is not present on the site, debris tends to get piled up in areas that it shouldn’t be piled. While it might seem like placing trash next to a piece of drywall in the building isn’t going to cause any harm, in some cases that debris can leave scratches, dents, or, in a worst case situation, holes in the drywall that will then need to be patched up before the project is completed. This costs extra time and money that many construction companies cannot afford to waste.
  • Increased Efficiency: Construction projects, no matter the size, are all about efficiency. Often, construction projects are on a very tight budget and schedule, meaning that any deviation from these carefully laid plans can result in additional time and money needing to be allocated in order to complete the project. When you choose to rent a dumpster for your project site, you can help save time and money because you will not have to make multiple trips to dispose of the waste from your construction site. While it might not seem like much, saving any amount of time in relation to duties that are not going towards the actual construction process is a great way to make sure that your project stays on budget and is completed in a reasonable amount of time.



Join us again next time as we continue to go over some of the benefits that renting a dumpster can have for you and your construction site. If you are already convinced that our construction dumpster rental service is something that you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today at Oak Disposal Services. We will work with you to come up with a solution to your needs and find the perfect dumpster for your project.