It’s Time for Spring Clean Up! Tips for Your Home & Garden

spring clean up tips

When the weather starts to warm up, it’s a sure sign it’s time to open up those windows, clear the cobwebs and freshen up the home, and clean up the yard after our Colorado winter. We’ve got tips to help you get started, stay organized and safely (and effectively!) dispose of your accumulated waste.

spring clean up tips

Spring Clean Up Tips

Inside the Home

Thorough Cleaning

Spring is the optimal time to give your home a thorough cleaning! Take time to methodically go through every room and get each surface dusted and wiped down. Move furniture, take down the drapes and really dig in, room by room. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to clear out winter’s dust! 

Closet Purge

As you’re switching out cool-weather clothing for warm-weather clothes, take the opportunity to purge those items you no longer wear. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in 2-years, it’s time to ditch it. Sort out those items that can be repaired and plan to take them to a local seamstress and those that are too damaged for wear. is a service offering Wet Mountain Valley residents a way to donate unwanted items to their charity of choice.

Office Purge

Let’s face it, with technology changing at such a rapid pace, we’re all a little guilty of stockpiling old equipment, cords and various items we have no idea what to do with. Spring is a good time to sort through these items and either properly recycle them or get them out to others who may have a need for them. In this article by the Washington Post get all the resources you’ll need to sell, donate or recycle.

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Outside the Home

Wash Out Trash Cans

It may sound counterintuitive to clean your trash cans but trust us when we say, you want to do this on a regular basis and spring is a great time to do so! Trash cans get smelly, and sometimes a slimy goo can build up on the inside as discards can spill out of bags (even when we are sure to tie plastic bags tightly).

Here’s how you can clean your can:

  1. Pull your trash can out and place it in a spot that can get wet
  2. Squirt a bit of soap in it – we like to use an eco-friendly variety like Castille
  3. Use a sprayer attached to a hose and spray that trash can down!
  4. Empty the water.
  5. Rinse.
  6. Repeat if necessary.
  7. For extra tough grime, use a handled brush
  8. Finish with a disinfectant spray
  9. Leave upside down to dry

Clean Up the Landscaping

When those winter storms roll in, we can have a few days of tremendous wind which can wreak havoc on your trees.

  1. Start your outside clean up efforts by collecting fallen branches and scattered sticks.
  2. Rake dead leaves and twigs.
  3. Prune and trim perennials and work with a local arborist for tree trimming.

Spring clean up may sound like a daunting proposition, but when done in stages – maybe a little each weekend – it’ll be completed before you know it and you can really enjoy all the wonderful outdoor offerings our great state provides!


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